The most effective organizations understand the need to be trauma informed but few have the capacity or budget to truly make an impact on their own. It is the goal of the ASRI Trauma Series to provide accessible, affordable and sustainable trauma informed training to organizations that serve individuals who likely have experienced trauma. The concepts presented are applicable to a wide variety of service providers including all levels of education, human service, medical, law enforcement and more.

In 2019, the Community Children's Center received a Kansas Health Foundation Impact Grant to develop trauma awareness training for Douglas County, Kansas and the surrounding area. We partnered with Marcia Weseman, Ed.D., to develop Trauma Aware Today with the intention that this one-day course would build a strong, nourishing support system for organizations of all kinds to ready them for the next steps in the trauma informed journey.


This vision quickly evolved into a concept for an entire series that will help move organizations along the trauma informed continuum as identified by the Missouri Model: A Developmental Framework to Become Trauma Informed. Future ASRI trainings (Trauma Sensitive, Trauma Responsive, and Trauma Informed) will move organizations forward on their journey to become Trauma Informed as identified by the Missouri Model: A Developmental Framework to Become Trauma Informed.     

Marcia Weseman has over 30 years of experience in public education as a teacher and administrator. Since leaving educational administration, she has provided training and consulting services to clients who are implementing trauma and resiliency initiatives.

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