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Family Resource Center

Family Time

Because parenting doesn't come with a manual


Our family support center is dedicated to helping families of infants through five-year-olds with the education, resources, and assistance you need when and where you need it.

Whether it's clothes from our Early Childhood Clothing Closet, board books from our upcoming Board Book Nook, help navigating systems, someone to talk to about parenting strategies and resources, or a listing of events from our TYKES Douglas County online resource hub, we want to be here to help you through these formative years.



Early Childhood Clothing Closet

Our Early Childhood Clothing Closet at Kennedy Early Childhood Center provides clothing for infants to five-year-olds and a range of maternity wear. The closet is available for both donation and shopping by appointment.

Confident Business People

Navigating Systems

Sometimes an advocate can make a huge difference. Our Family Resource specialists can help you figure out what services and support you need and navigate your way through them.

Whether it's assistance with navigating legal systems, court services, social service agencies, or educational or vocational systems, we can help you get where you're wanting to go.


Family Support When You Need It

Suppose you need help and access to transportation or other barriers are an issue.

In that case, our Family Resource Specialists can meet with you in-home or at a place of your choosing to offer support, education, parenting strategies, or help access resources you need to take care of yourself and your family.

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