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Join the Team

Join Our Community Children's Center (CCC) Team and participate in something truly impactful! At CCC, we believe in making a difference by providing exceptional early childhood care that fills a significant gap in our community.


As a member of our team, you'll experience the joy and fulfillment that comes from nurturing and shaping the lives of young children. With our supportive and collaborative work environment, you'll be surrounded by a great team of passionate professionals who share the same vision. Together, we can create a brighter future for the children in our community while enjoying a workplace that radiates positivity, enthusiasm, and a genuine sense of purpose.

Team Meeting

Early Childhood Human Resources Specialist.

(Full-time, $40,000-$50,000/yr., Benefit Eligible)

The Community Children's Center's Early Childhood Human Resources Specialist
ensures smooth operations within our human resources department. This role encompasses
onboarding, benefits administration, child care Licensing background checks, employee
relations, and other HR-related and administrative duties.


This position is pivotal in vetting
potential child care employees and volunteers to help ensure safety and quality in our staffing
and programming. This role requires a high level of professionalism, attention to detail, and the
ability to handle confidential information with discretion. The majority of work tasks can be
completed remotely.

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