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Occasional Care Program

  • Will clients always get booked with the same sitter?
    Clients can view favorite sitters, view which sitters are available during requested booking as well as indicate whether they want a particular sitter, but we cannot guarantee that the same sitter will always be available. The sitters often have additional jobs or school and so their availability will not always accommodate working for the same families. We ask that you be flexible with this.
  • How many times can requests for a sitter be made during a subscription period?
    As many times as you would like.
  • What information will the sitter receive prior to the start of the job?
    Sitters will receive a snapshot view of the family including a photo (if one is uploaded), details about the family, the child(ren), pets, etc.
  • Are your services available for people outside of Douglas County?
    At this time we only serve families within Douglas County.
  • Will short notice cost more?
    No, each subscription is for unlimited bookings during the time periods of 1 week, 30 days, 90 days and 1 year.
  • What if a client needs to cancel a booking?
    If a client needs to cancel, the sitter will be automatically notified. Please review our best practices.
  • Are the fees paid to CCC tax deductible?
    If you have paid your sitter or sitters ‘on the books’ then fees paid to a sitter service may be tax deductible. Please consult your accountant.
  • What are your office hours?
    9-5 M-F
  • When should requests be made?
    It would be ideal to provide at least 48 hours of notice. We are unable to provide a guarantee that you will be able to book a sitter, but please try anytime as long as it is 4 hours prior to the start time.
  • What is the process to get started?
    If you found this list, you are on the right path. Feel free to browse over the information on this page and then, if you wish to proceed, click on the link to register with our digital platform, Enginehire. You will then create a dashboard providing information about your family and can then request a sitter.
  • Can I purchase a package to save money?
    Our subscription plans have discounts built into the options.
  • What exactly is a sitter service or occasional care program?
    Typically, families find sitters by asking teachers, neighbors, family, etc. A sitter service or occasional care program means utilizing a third party to find sitters. That third party recruits sitters, interviews them, checks references, and conducts background checks. Families who need sitters register with the agency by providing information about their family. The agency refers sitters to families based on availability, interests, experience, etc. The families pay the agency a fee for this service, and the families pay the sitters directly for caring for their children.
  • Can I purchase a gift card?
    Absolutely! If you are able, we also welcome welcome the purchase of gift cards to share with clients who have applied for reduced rate services.
  • What is my tax liability for hiring an occasional sitter?
    If you pay one sitter at least $2700 in the year 2024, that sitter is likely considered as your employee with tax implications. Please consult your accountant.
  • Are sitters CPR/1st Aid certified?
    Yes, all sitters are required to complete certification in Pediatric CPR and 1st Aid. We offer that training in house for those who are not currently certified. We also require sitters to complete a Trauma Informed Training (online).
  • How do I pay providers?
    You can decide that with the sitter.
  • Do you offer any discounts or reduced rates?
    We will occasionally offer a PROMO CODE. As funding allows, we will try and provide other financial assistance. Please reach out for more information.
  • What happens if a sitter cancels a booking?
    Although we try to prevent cancellations, they can happen. In that case the job will go back onto the job board. Admin can also assist manually if cancellations occur during office hours.
  • Is there a reminder system?
    There is a reminder system for both the clients and the sitters.
  • Will we be able to see pics and bios of the sitters? What else can we learn about sitters?
    Clients will have access to see a pic and video of the sitter as well as a profile. Clients will also be able to see the sitter’s availability, employment history, references, education and any highlights the sitter has added.
  • Is there an app to book jobs?
    Yes, you can find it in the app store under ‘Enginehire.’
  • Do you offer any corporate discounts?
    We welcome corporations to join CCC in promoting our services to their employees. This comes at no cost to the employer, but by sharing our promotional materials, employees will receive a 20% discount on any subscription
  • Can I cancel my subscription?
    You may cancel your subscription at any time without penalty but in order for the recurring charge to stop, we must receive that cancellation notice at least 3 days prior to the next scheduled charge date. This can be managed through client’s dashboard.
  • Why do you ask for gender, race, ethnicity and military affiliation?
    These questions are not required but they do help us track the usage of our services.
  • Do you offer overnight care?
    We offer occasional childcare. This is not designed to be an overnight service and there are no overnight rates. However, we do not have a limit on the number of hours for a booking.
  • This just feels expensive and I don’t think I can do it. Why is it so expensive?
    We certainly understand the rising cost of childcare and we are trying to put things in place to enable more people to use our services. If anyone feels they may qualify for a reduced rate, there is a question on the asking for an income range on the registration form. Additionally, we want to share the value we believe comes from having experienced and vetted sitters.
  • How much does it cost?
    We offer a subscription system. Each subscription option is automatically renewed and charged to your credit card except for the daily and the 1 week options which are non-recurring. All options are non-refundable. There is not a registration or an annual fee. The subscription options are as follows: 1 day $10 This is non-recurring. It is designed to let families use and pay per booking. 1 week $25 This is non-recurring. It is designed to give a longer opportunity to try us out. 30 days $50 This is a recurring charge which can be cancelled with no penalty up to 3 days prior to the next month’s credit card charge. 90 days $125 This is a recurring charge which can be cancelled with no penalty up to 3 days prior to the next month’s credit card charge. 1 year $450 This is a recurring charge which can be cancelled with no penalty up to 3 days prior to the next month’s credit card charge. * If having a credit card on file prevents you from using this service, please reach out. ** The PROMO CODE: CCCWELCOME will give you your first booking for free during our 1st month in operation as a way to try us out without any obligation to purchase a subscription. You will still need to pay the sitters separately.
  • Have the sitters been vetted and what does that mean exactly?
    Vetting sitters means screening them and conducting background checks. We interview each sitter, check their references, and conduct a background check. Our background check includes a criminal check, the Kansas Child Abuse & Neglect Registry, the national sex offenders registry, and a driving history report.
  • What is the hourly rate for sitters?
    ? The rate will be negotiated between you and the sitter.
  • If a client has other needs, can you help?
    Yes, when a client completes their registration, they will see a drop down menu under the ‘Services’ tab where they can select from a list of additional services. This will be forwarded to the Family Resource Center and a social worker will be in touch.

Best Practices

  • Sometimes sitters are reluctant to accept a job lasting less than 2 hours so keep that in mind when making a request.

  • If you must cancel a job and that happens with less than 24 hours’ notice to the sitter, we recommend paying them for at least part of the original job. Sitters are counting on that income.

  • We suggest paying the sitters for the full time of the original request even if you come home early.

  • We suggest paying the sitters between $17 and $20 per hour, but, again, this is something you would negotiate with the sitter.

  • We suggest providing the sitter some reimbursement if you expect them to drive your children.

  • We suggest utilizing a medical form if your child has any special needs or medication needs .

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