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Trauma Aware is the first step in an organization’s journey on the trauma informed continuum.  A trauma aware organization is cognizant of how prevalent trauma is and considers how trauma might impact their clientele, staff and community.   


This one-day workshop reviews the effects of trauma on brain architecture and the consequences seen in behavior, physical health, mental health and learning. This training also emphasizes the impact of one’s management of their own emotions and energy levels on the success of others.


Participants discuss practice and policy implications when principles of trauma informed organizations are part of the culture including:


• Safety

• Transparency and trustworthiness

• Collaboration

• Peer support

• Voice, choice and empowerment

• Cultural, historical and gender issues

Trauma Aware helps organizations build a strong, nourishing support system to ready them for the next steps!

After completing Trauma Aware, participants will be able to:

• Describe the stages of trauma informed organizations as identified in the Missouri Model: A Developmental Framework to Become Trauma-Informed

• Recognize basic brain structure and recognize the need behind behavior

• Acknowledge the role of adult/leader management of their own emotions and energy levels for organization success

• Recognize the principles of trauma informed organizations (SAMHSA 2014) and implications for practice and policy

• Understand the foundation that must be established to support and nourish an organization’s trauma informed process

• Develop an implementation plan to use the Trauma Aware curriculum

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