Tell Kansas Your Story!

  • Have you or someone you know struggled with access to quality services and child care in recent months?

  • Have you received the assistance you need as a result of the pandemic?

  • Do you work with children and families?  What challenges have you seen in recent months?

  • Do you have a bright spot that you want to share? 

  • Do you want your experiences to help spark action and inform policy in Kansas?  

The State of Kansas wants to hear about your needs, experiences and struggles during this stressful time. Please take 5 minutes to add your story to the statewide story bank. From grocery store struggles to financial woes to tough school choices, any moment that strikes you is a moment we want to hear about. State leaders need to know what is happening on the front lines to inform their decisions and respond most effectively. YOUR STORIES CAN HELP! Share what you've experienced or observed so that all Kansans can receive the help they need. 

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More About Our Tomorrows

The Our Tomorrows Statewide Story Bank provides a real-time look at how families are doing, so state and local leaders know what works and what doesn’t for families. Parents, children, aunts, uncles, partners – all of us have families, and all of us have something important to share about our lives and interactions. We know there’s much to be learned from all kinds of stories, with all kinds of outcomes. The stories we hear from Kansans are already shaping policy and programming decisions in communities across our state—and we know our collective voices will continue to impact change at all levels. Through OUR TOMORROWS, Kansans have the opportunity to share and reflect by sharing unique and important perspectives. Using a story-based research tool called SenseMaker™, we will examine the patterns and stories in-depth, allowing us to gain new understandings about what families need to thrive. Your contribution to the story collection will make a difference. Stories are anonymous, but may not be confidential. We value your anonymity, and have created guidance to protect your identity. All secondary identifying data is redacted from stories before they are used. While a single piece of information may not identify an individual, we recognize that a combination of information might. Please know that these stories are used in several formats to support the Early Childhood Systems Building Effort in Kansas. If you are particularly worried, you can choose not to consent to sharing your story on the final page of the survey. 

Here's a sample story to give you an idea of just how easy it is to share!

Birthday Concerns
“Just last week me and my kids became homeless because I could not afford my apartment anymore. It is really hard on us, especially my kids. My 5 year old keeps asking me if she is gonna have a birthday this year. She sees other kids in her class having big parties and talking about all the great gifts they got.  I know I can't do that for her and it makes me so sad and frustrated."

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Young Mother with Children