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Community Quest!
A Scavenger Hunt

Treasure Hunt Clues

Clue #3

Lastly, we’ll give you our ultimate clue.
If you’ve not figured it out yet, this one’s for you.
Don’t be too quick. Please don’t be a speeder.
The bench is in a park next to KU Audio-Reader.

Clue #2

Was the first clue too elusive for you?
Here's a new one upon which to chew
This prize I speak of is up on the hill,
Not up on the north, if you will,
You’ll find it in peace, but you must beware.
Because it is only a short walk from a Baehr!

Clue #1 

Once again, it’s me, Cluegh Cameron, here.
I hope you’re having fun; if you’re not, this should give you ample cheer.
A unique treasure of a prize, between flowers and fences
A sensory delight in a garden under benches.

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